Solid Wood Bottle Rack Box


  • Wooden box with metal hook closure
  • Tasting kit with cocktail guide
  • Certified quality spirits and liqueurs

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The wooden box signed by Sibillini Spirits

With our exclusive Solid Wood Bottle Holder Box, turn every moment into a special occasion. This exquisite box is designed to house your favorite bottles with style and practicality.

Expertly crafted using high-quality solid wood, this box not only offers exceptional sturdiness but also stands out for its timeless aesthetic. The natural wood finish adds a touch of warmth and elegance, while the attention to detail makes this box a perfect complement to any decor.

Refined Design: Simplicity of design combines with elegance, creating an eye-catching box that fits into any environment.

Adequate Capacity: With a capacity of two (2) bottles, this box is ideal for carrying your selection of fine spirits.

Convenience on the Move: Easily transportable box, making your wine and food experiences convenient wherever you go.

Safe Protection: Internally lined to protect bottles from impact, the box ensures that your liquid treasures arrive at their destination intact.

Perfect Gift: Packaged with care, this box is also an ideal gift for lovers of fine spirits or to celebrate special occasions.

* Wooden box with fire engraving, signed Sibillini Spirits.


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