Vettore Gin of Sibillini

Essence of Mountains

Gin Vettore contains the pure mountain essence of the territory of the Monti Sibillini National Park

We are talking about a “Dry Gin” produced by distillation, created using spring water, a soft cereal alcohol and spontaneously harvested botanicals in the Sibillini Mountains.

Above all, the well-known Apennine wild juniper of the Sibillini stands out, the certified “Slow Food Presidium” Pink Apples of the Sibillini Mountains from the Marches, Absinthe (Artemisia Absinthium L.), Dill (Anethum graveolens L.) and Melissa officinalis (Melissa).
A unique product with a strong flavor, aimed at enhancing the freshness and herbaceous character of the botanicals, which make the flavor of Gin Vettore incomparable.

Premium Gin with a unique and versatile alchemy, to be drunk mixed or neat after a meal.

dettaglio boquet
dettaglio boquet

A unique distillate,
fresh and engaging

Gin Vettore has a dry, fresh, intense and characteristic taste. The nose denotes the elegant aroma of Apennine juniper, with a slight balsamic hint and herbaceous finish. On the palate the botanicals are well integrated with continuous references to Juniper, Apple, Rose, Dill and the unmistakable bitter note of Absinthe balanced by the freshness of the herbs. Very balanced, elegant and persistent until after the sip.

* 70 cl bottle with label and certification logo of the Monti Sibillini National Park.


A bouquet of botanicals collected and grown in the territory of the Monti Sibillini National Park which give Gin Vettore all the essence of the Marche region


A berry that grows luxuriantly in the dense mountain forest and gives a fresh woody-balsamic aroma, with slightly sweet notes


An aromatic plant present in many liqueur preparations that refers to a slight lemon scent


A root which in its spirit preserves an acrid and spicy aftertaste but which, thanks to its aroma, unites and binds all the botanical notes


A wild seed of mountain climates which with its sweet, mentholated and pungent aroma allows to expand the freshness


A spice known in our places with an oriental character which thanks to its presence expands the citric shoulder and gives body


A small herbaceous plant, whose leaves and flower heads have been used as a tonic for thousands of years, it gives a light bitter-energetic

Red apple

Undisputed queen in the panorama of gastronomic first fruits present in our Marche region, thanks to its balanced sugary aroma it favors a veil of softness on the palate

Gin Vettore


  • Dry, fresh and intense taste
  • Quality certification of the Monti Sibillini National Park
  • 70cl bottle – 43.8° vol

1 review for Gin Vettore

  1. Carla (verified owner)

    Spedizione velocissima e imballaggio impeccabile a prova di qualsiasi Corriere!

    • Matteo Ferretti

      Matteo (store manager)

      Ciao Carla, apprezziamo molto il tuo pensiero sul ns servizio e ti ringraziamo per averci scelto! A presto!

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