Limited edition Cocktail glass


  • Low tumbler glass 40 cl
  • Highest quality glass
  • High resistance to washing


Do you like making cocktails at home or in your club? Then you know that you need the right glass, which is as important as the ingredients themselves from which the cocktails themselves are made.

An indispensable glass for any cocktail enthusiast is the low tumbler, also known as a Negroni glass, Americano.

It’s the perfect vessel to showcase your mixology skills and create a stunning presentation of your favorite cocktail.

This short, sturdy glass allows the drinker to fully perceive the flavors of the gin, bitters and vermouth without being overwhelmed by the alcohol content.

Each glass is made of high quality glass and features a unique design that allows you to appreciate the aromas and flavors of the cocktail, making the drinking experience more enjoyable.

Make sure you choose the right glass to enhance the drinking experience!


Glass with handcrafted silk-screen decoration signed Sibillini Spirits

Firing at 600° for color stabilization

Possibility of washing in the dishwasher

Low tumbler glass capacity 40cl


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