Redentore Liquore Bitter

the second peak of the Monti Sibillini

With a strong character

The  new product of the line created starting from the botanicals of the Monti Sibillini Park. The Bitter del Redentore represents more than ever the strong link with the local territory, capable of expressing the true tradition of the Italian style.

Few genuine ingredients, for a liqueur with a unique and decisive taste, our Bitter is the result of mixing water from Marche springs, cereal alcohol and infusion of botanical notes from spontaneous harvesting of the Sibillini Mountains.

With an alcohol content of 25°, among the distinctive notes of the product, gentian, absinthe and orange thyme stand out, from whose combination derives the slightly bitter taste typical of thick bitters.

With a full red color, which borders on garnet, the Bitter del Redentore is synonymous with a bittersweet botanical mix, with a strong character, designed to enhance the freshness and the herbaceous, balsamic and woody character of the botanicals, which make its flavor incomparable.

It is from the careful research of botanicals with a strong citrus and bittering scent that the Bitter del Redentore is born

dettaglio boquet
dettaglio boquet

A amaro-bitter with a unique, enveloping and fresh taste

Once again, it is a choice that pays homage to the territory and its variety of refined botanicals. The logo arises from the juxtaposition of the Redentore and Pizzo del Diavolo mountains, which bring to mind the traditional antithesis between good and evil.

Hand-drawn label, where in the center the illustration shows a drop of water that represents the essence of the clear waters of Lake Pilato, together with the mystical figure of a priest, is a tribute to the rich botanical heritage and to the vein mystique of our protected area.

* Available in 70 cl bottle with label and certification logo of the Monti Sibillini National Park.


A bouquet of botanicals collected and grown in the territory of the Monti Sibillini National Park which give Bitter del Redentore all the essence of the Marche region


A small herbaceous plant, whose leaves and flower heads have been used as a tonic for thousands of years, it gives a light bitter-energetic


A plant with a light and aromatic scent. The older leaves are very aromatic and therefore ideal as a spice, used sparingly due to their very bitter taste

Orange Thyme

With an intense orange flavor, it exudes a wonderfully fruity and at the same time resinous citrus aroma


Gentian, and its roots in particular, is one of the most bitter plants in nature and is considered one of the best natural allies for digestion.


A root which in its spirit preserves an acrid and spicy aftertaste but which, thanks to its aroma, unites and binds all the botanical notes

Bitter del Redentore


  • Full, fresh and decisive taste
  • Quality certification of the Monti Sibillini National Park
  • 70cl bottle – 25° vol.


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