Amaro Priora

Starting from the temple of Sibilla

Amaro Priora is born from the careful research of botanicals with a strong bitter and balsamic scent

Amaro Priora was born from the idea of an alchemical journey in an area rich in medicinal vegetation, one of a kind.

Bitter produced from an alchemical-spice infusion of officinal aromas present in the Sibillini Mountains. Characteristic bitter note that comes from a blend of gentian, absinthe and yarrow. Mint that gives freshness to the palate, Sibillini juniper that gives the spicy note and to complete the taste an innovative element is used: pine resin which, thanks to the synergy with the Apennine juniper, enhances the balsamic note.

It is from the careful research of botanicals with a strong bitter and balsamic scent that the Amaro Priora is born

dettaglio boquet
dettaglio boquet

Once again, it is a choice that pays homage to the territory and its variety of refined botanicals. The elements that inspired the formulation of Amaro Priora are illustrated on the label in a chimera structure.

Hand-drawn label, recalls the essential elements of inspiration that led to the formulation of the product. Gentian, one of the botanicals present in the amaro formula, the temple of the sibyl, where we found some of the medicinal plants, as well as a mythological location, snake, alchemical-pharmaceutical element, fossil ammonites found along the path above the arch view of the Sibilla temple.

The citric-spicy note on the coriander finish, replacing the citrus notes present in other types of amaro. A unique experience, enclosed in a bottle evocative of the territory to which it belongs.

* Available in 70 cl bottle with label and certification logo of the Monti Sibillini National Park.


A bouquet of botanicals collected and grown in the territory of the Monti Sibillini National Park which give Amaro Priora all the essence of the Marche region


A perennial herbaceous plant that can reach 80 cm in height with a slightly less spicy taste than Piperita. Its perfume, if diffused in the environment, refreshes and stimulates concentration.


A berry that grows luxuriantly in the dense mountain forest and gives a fresh woody-balsamic aroma, with slightly sweet notes


A small herbaceous plant, whose leaves and flower heads have been used as a tonic for thousands of years, it gives a light bitter-energetic


A plant with a light and aromatic scent. The older leaves are very aromatic and therefore ideal as a spice, used sparingly due to their very bitter taste


Gentian, and its roots in particular, is one of the most bitter plants in nature and is considered one of the best natural allies for digestion.

Amaro Priora


  • Balsamic, bitter and decisive taste
  • Quality certification of the Monti Sibillini National Park
  • 70cl bottle – 30° vol.


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